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Supporting BEST robotics competition in the Brazos Valley and beyond

BEST is an annual high school and middle school robotics competition to Boost Engineering Science and Technology.

Boosting hundreds of students in the Brazos Valley every year since 1996.

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Student Publications ? - Monday, November 25, 2013

One aspect of Engineering, Science, and Technology careers remains veiled and in-accessible to most pre-collegiate students...Research and Publication. That is all about to change. EST Foundations is launching a peer-reviewed Journal where students do the research, participate in the review process, and get their scholarly work published. Click to read more. To get started, submit an text-only abstract of your proposed work. We'll assign a research-mentor for your Spring efforts. Before you know it, you'll have authored your first scholarly work. Send abstracts to


 read more ...
Legacy Award for distinguished BEST service - Friday, November 1, 2013
As part of the Southeast Texas gameday awards ceremony, we also recognized distinguished service by three coaches, Bart Taylor (AMCHS), Susan Baillie (served with CSMS), and Susan Hammond (began with Mumford, now with SFA). Each have over a decade of distinguished service coaching successful BEST teams in the local area. They are amazing. Follow the read more link for a details of the recognition. read more ...
The Results are In! - Monday, October 28, 2013

The Southeast Texas Gameday is now in the books. Thanks to the wonderful sponsors and volunteers that made it happen. Twenty teams competed in Saturday's events and here are the results:

1st Place BEST - A&M Consolidated HS
2nd Place BEST - Porter HS
3rd Place BEST - Cornerstone Christian Academy
4th Place BEST - Stephen F. Austin Middle School

1st Place Robot - Cornerstone Christian Academy
2nd Place Robot - Porter HS
3rd Place Robot - Stephen F. Austin Middle School
4th Place Robot - Madisonville HS

Founders Award for Creative Design - Summer Creek HS
Most Robust Design - A&M Consolidated MS

Honorable Mention in Notebook - College Station HS
Honorable Mention in Presentation - A&M Consolidated MS
Honorable Mention in Exhibit/Interview - College Station HS
BEST Heart - Porter HS

Also recognized:
BEST Rookie Award - Davila Science Club
Most Improved Team - Stephen F. Austin MS

Please find a way to support our teams that are advancing to state competition on November 8:

  1.  A&M Consolidated High School
  2. Cornerstone Christian Academy
  3. Porter High School
  4. Stephen F. Austin Middle School
Practice Day this weekend! - Tuesday, October 15, 2013
We're setting up the floor for practice at two venues this weekend:
  1. Practice Day in Huntsville: Saturday 19th at West Hill Mall. 10am-noon. Come and go as you please
  2. Practice Day in College Station: Sunday 20th at Post Oak Mall. 2pm-5pm. First-come/first-serve with 15 minute time limits  (click for location).

Reminders for teams:

-Please attend one even if you don't have a robot. Your spotters will benefit from the practice and your design team may be able to glean information from attending mentors.
-All teams must submit design notebooks. They are due Saturday by midnight. Email the electronic document to the SET chairperson.
-Consent and Release forms for all students should be turned in at a practice event. (read more to download the form).

A New Resource - Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A lot of teams are struggling with formalizing the design process. Remember, following a formal process won't guarantee the best robot. But, it sure does increase the odds of considering all aspects of the game.  As we visit with teams, we'll be documenting the "helps" given them in a blog...sort of. When completed, the blog will walk readers through the entire 6-week process.

Please check it out, rate the articles, and feel free to comment. Oh, it is brand new and rapidly developing. So, check there every couple days for a rapid evolution.

 read more ...

Online Kickoff Packet now Available - Thursday, September 19, 2013
Spread the word. Make sure you entire team and coach know about this resource! Just about all the information shared at kickoff is now available online including the various presentations, videos, and essential information from the national site. There are a couple of videos yet to be uploaded, but they will all be linked shortly. Click the read more link to go to the kickoff packet now. read more ...

Kickoff Documents - Saturday, September 14, 2013

It was great to see so many of you at Kickoff today. We appreciate your willingness to postpone your college football viewing to get the Southeast Texas BEST ball rolling. There was so much information shared, it must have been an intimidating ride for the rookies. But, don't fret. We're here holding the safety net. Speaking of safety net, let's put the password to remember, the one about making cpu's. If you go to click on participants and then File Manager, you'll find a host of documents waiting for you including:

  • animation that introduced Gatekeeper
  • Awards and Judging Rules
  • game field drawings and models
  • kit rules (including consumable list)
  • Gatekeeper game rules
  • and more...

Oh, BTW speaking of consumable list. We messed up on the distribution protocol. Please inventory your consumable kit, compare it to the official consumable list, and let us know just how badly we missed the target.

 read more ...

Team Registration - Sunday, September 1, 2013
The team roster is taking shape. If you haven't already registered your team for the competition, please follow the read more link.  You can also see there the list of teams that have already registered. Spread the word, everybody. Gatekeeper is coming!!! read more ...

Software available for all BEST teams - Monday, August 26, 2013
Some very gracious software companies have made their software available to our teams. These are some seriously powerful software packages including: Solidworks CAD, Solidwise Fundamentals (training for Solidworks), Autodesk (CAM software), Mathematica, RobotC, Simulink, and VEX EasyC. You can read more about these sponsors at the national sponsor list (read more link).  If your team coach has not been informed about how/where to get the licensing information, please contact Dr. Li-Jen Shannon asap.  read more ...

BotClub Summer Camps - Sunday, July 14, 2013
The BotClub summer camps have been going well...two down, one to go. We've made a video so you can witness the students' creation for yourself. That is one crazy way to plant a seed! The last camp will be the week of August 12. Though registration is closed, you can come see the student creation at noon at the Ringer library on August 16. Each camp makes their own creation. Like the first two, the August creation is sure to be something you have to see for yourself. Please contact for more information. read more ...

New this summer...Brazos BEST Summer Camps - Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ages 9-14 are invited to attend our FREE  1-week summer camps. Mounce Library June 24-28, Lincoln Center July 8-12, Ringer Library August 12-16. Camps will meet from 10am-12:30 at the designated dates/locations. Students will experiment with basic physics machines, materials, DC circuits, motors, and robots to build their own amazing Rube Goldberg machine. Older students are invited to attend as assistants. Download flyer here. To volunteer send an email to

Individuals Register for Summer Camp Here

We're continuing support of SET BEST for the 2013 season - Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Because of the close proximity and in an effort to get the most from the resources at both hubs, Brazos BEST will be sending all our local teams to compete in SET BEST events again this year. Local volunteers will continue fundraising, recruiting, training and mentoring of local teams. We're simply asking SET BEST to handle all the gameday planning and general program logistics.

Start preparing now to bring your team to kickoff in Huntsville Bryan on September 14th. For more information contact at  Follow the link to sign up for Teacher/Mentor training now...

 read more ...
BotClub will be returning soon - Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Want to do robotics year around in a casual environment? Check out BotClub... read more ...

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